Nubank Podcast

The Hammock’s third episode: journeys in code, Clojure, Datomic, and personal growth

A deep dive into Episode 3 of ‘The Hammock’ podcast with Enzzo Cavallo: from the dynamics of Clojure to the intricacies of Datomic and beyond

04 Aug 23

Clojure’s journey at Nubank: a look into the future

Tech team thanks Rich Hickey for leadership as he retires from his position at Nu. 

15 May 23

Clojure Conj 2023 Highlights

After ten previous editions, Nubank hosted the Clojure Conj for the first time. Check the highlights!

28 Mar 23

Functional programming with Clojure: why and how does Nubank use it and scale so well?

What are the benefits and advantages that made us choose such a different programming language?

07 Mar 23

Clojure turns 15: Nubank’s webseries explores the origins and future of this programming language

Clojure is the core programming language of Nubank's digital solutions, and we celebrate its anniversary with an exclusive webseries interviewing its creators. Check it out.

17 Oct 22

Clojure 15th Anniversary: A Retrospective

Clojure’s history is beautiful and simple in code. Nubank has a lot of reasons to say: happy birthday, Clojure!

11 Mar 21

A look into Nubank’s tech hub in Berlin

Our data infrastructure teams in Europe are instrumental in creating increasingly better products for our customers