data science

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Now Nubank’s Data Scientists have their own values

It is not just a matter of collecting, analysing and interpreting data. Check out the six principles that build our data scientists’ code.

21 Aug 20

More productive data analytics with Data Quality Governance

Implementing a centralized data quality governance framework in a fast-growing, agile and data-hungry organization

22 Jul 20

Nubank Data Analysts are now called Analytics Engineers

Aligning expectations and positioning ourselves towards better productivity and data governance

19 Dec 19

Hiring for Data Science to achieve smart efficiency

Here’s everything you need to know about the role that DS plays at Nubank and how to join our team

04 Dec 19

Introducing fklearn: Nubank’s machine learning library (Part II)

Benefits from doing analysis and validation of models

23 Apr 19

Introducing fklearn: Nubank’s machine learning library (Part I)

In April 2019, Nubank open-sourced fklearn, our machine learning python library. And it has a a benevolent sweet good poison!

11 Jul 18

Organizing the largest Machine Learning Meetup group in LatAm

Lessons learned from gathering the best data scientists in São Paulo city