Nubank Podcast

The Hammock’s third episode: journeys in code, Clojure, Datomic, and personal growth

A deep dive into Episode 3 of ‘The Hammock’ podcast with Enzzo Cavallo: from the dynamics of Clojure to the intricacies of Datomic and beyond

04 Aug 23

Clojure’s journey at Nubank: a look into the future

Tech team thanks Rich Hickey for leadership as he retires from his position at Nu. 

27 Apr 23

Datomic is now available free of licensing fees

Discover how Nubank, a leading digital bank, revolutionizes the financial industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology, including Datomic.

07 Mar 23

Clojure turns 15: Nubank’s webseries explores the origins and future of this programming language

Clojure is the core programming language of Nubank's digital solutions, and we celebrate its anniversary with an exclusive webseries interviewing its creators. Check it out.

03 Feb 23

Leveraging Datomic query-stats to Optimize Clause Ordering

Query-stats is a new feature that gives users visibility into the decisions made by the query engine while it's processing your query.

23 Jul 20

Nubank acquires US company Cognitect, the team behind Clojure and Datomic

With this deal, the world’s largest independent digital bank takes a step closer towards its goal of putting together the strongest software engineering team in the market to reinvent financial services across Latin America.

23 Jul 20

Cognitect, creator of Clojure and Datomic, is now part of Nubank

We are happy to welcome such talented engineers to our teams as we build together the next generation of financial products and continue supporting the open-source Clojure community.