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A “Wicked Problem”: UX Research and the continuous search for framing the problem at Nubank

Complexity and importance of understanding the problem, a task often more important than finding a solution.

30 May 23

Designing Shuffle, the internal tool that powers Nubank’s award-winning customer service

A walk-through of the different techniques we used to define and prioritize some of the biggest pain points of our customer support team.

18 May 23

Nubank achieves a world record with more than 7 million people participating in NuBolão in one month

Unfortunately, victory did not come for Brazil in the FIFA World Cup. But on April 12, 2023, NuBolão achieved the title of world record holder – and you're a part of it.

17 Mar 23

A Nu way of guidance: Meet the Nu Brand System

A look into the Nu's BrandBook Tool—the interactive platform of Nubank global brand guidelines, built for a new moment of brand maturity.

10 Nov 22

Women Leaders Who Design

Ellen Kiss, the Director of our Center of Excellence in Design, hosted a prolific discussion about important topics in the design market.

14 Oct 22

What is it like to be an UX Researcher at Nubank?

UX Researcher helps the design and business teams to learn from our clients, and uses this data and knowledge to design the best products.

19 Aug 22

What is it like to have a career at Nubank’s Design team?

Nubank's Design team has over 200 professionals across many Business Units (BUs). Check out how the team is allocated in the company: