Engineering culture

Conversation between Nubankers

Team Management from Engineering Managers perspective

One of our core values from day one is to intentionally create strong and diverse teams through our leaders

03 May 23

Engineering operational excellence, a case of continuous improvement

How to pursuit operational excellence as we navigate through seeking to solve the conundrum of how to implement processes that minimize problems and prevent incidents.

01 Jun 22

Nubank’s Engineering Principles: questions from a CTO to a CEO

Nubank's Chief of Technology Officer Matt Swann invited Nubank's CEO David Vélez for a conversation to share some thoughts about the importance of tech professionals roles.

26 May 22

Nubank’s Engineering Principles: interview with Edward Wible

After nine years of Nubank, those principles have emerged from patterns of success and serve as a guide to assist the engineering process rather than particular prescriptions.

25 Mar 22

TGIF: Analytics Engineering’s ritual to boost creativity at Nubank

Maintaining the culture and knowledge of a hyper-growing area can be a challenge. Nubank's Analytics Engineering team found a solution.

07 Mar 22

How to build and develop an engineering culture?

At Nubank, our set of engineering principles guides us towards having healthier teams and demonstrates the importance of having engineering voices over the entire development cycle