“We have the privilege of being able to help others go through this period”

Cristina Junqueira, cofounder of Nubank, talks about the role of fintechs during the pandemic, and how Nubank has been operating in this period.

20 Aug 19

Thinking about customers: products are never really done

What does 'best possible product' really mean at Nubank?

15 Feb 19

Product Managers: what they do and why we need them

A look into the role, the Product Principles that guide our work, and the hiring process for Product Managers at Nubank

05 Nov 18

Listening to user feedback in an engaged community of users

Learning how to make the most of our customers' requests.

05 Sep 18

Launching Nubank’s digital bank account

How our culture inspired the visual identity of the launch event.

11 Jul 18

Organizing the largest Machine Learning Meetup group in LatAm

Lessons learned from gathering the best data scientists in São Paulo city

08 Jun 18

How we designed Nubank’s Bank Account — Part I

How we arrived to this single digital account that allows people to save, invest and transfer money in real-time