Nubank Podcast

Personal growth, problem-solving and more: delving deep into The Hammock’s second episode

Exploring the career growth journey at Nubank, where technical expertise merges with personal development.

27 Jun 23

Nubank and Olivia: pioneering the future of personalized financial management

Revolutionizing personal finance: reflecting on Nubank's 2021 acquisition of AI startup Olivia.

30 May 23

Designing Shuffle, the internal tool that powers Nubank’s award-winning customer service

A walk-through of the different techniques we used to define and prioritize some of the biggest pain points of our customer support team.

18 May 23

Nubank achieves a world record with more than 7 million people participating in NuBolão in one month

Unfortunately, victory did not come for Brazil in the FIFA World Cup. But on April 12, 2023, NuBolão achieved the title of world record holder – and you're a part of it.

15 May 23

Nubank has record profit and almost doubles revenue: understand our results for Q1’2023

In another quarter of record numbers and positive revenues, Nu proves that customer-focused innovation brings real results to the business.

12 May 23

Nubank elected one of the Top 10 Most Influential Brands in the 2023 edition of the Ipsos’ ranking

Mentioned on the list since 2018, Nubank reached ninth place for the first time and is one of three Brazilian brands to occupy the Top 10.

04 May 23

Nu México joins to the list of LinkedIn’s Best Companies 2023

LinkedIn Best Companies is a ranking that highlights companies that foster the long-term professional success of their employees.