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NuStories: Tailoring products for fanatical customers in various countries

The ethos of “solving sharp pains” and staying agile to local needs isn’t just about the now; it’s a legacy

23 Oct 23

Scaling with purpose: insights from the São Paulo Product Community Meetup at Nubank

The meeting brought together members of the product team from various companies

06 Jan 23

What is it like being a Product Manager at Nubank?

A look into the career of a Product Manager at Nubank, the scope of work and the main differences with other Product positions.

02 Dec 22

What is the hiring process like for Product Managers at Nubank?

A step-by-step on how we select the best talents for our Product Team and how to be prepared for it.

15 Feb 19

Product Managers: what they do and why we need them

A look into the role, the Product Principles that guide our work, and the hiring process for Product Managers at Nubank