People talking at Nubank office in Colombia

Nubank is the most admired company in the Brazilian Product field

This information is from a survey conducted by PM3, reference school in Digital Products and Business in Brazil, in partnership with Bain & Company.

23 Oct 23

Scaling with purpose: insights from the São Paulo Product Community Meetup at Nubank

The meeting brought together members of the product team from various companies

18 Jul 23

Bridging the gap: Nubank’s commitment in serving the visually impaired

Embark on NuBraille's journey to address a significant gap: the need for accessible banking services for the visually impaired.

16 Sep 22

What is it like being a Product Marketing Manager at Nubank?

Product Marketing Managers (PMM) are marketing professionals who act within product teams as a bridge between business, brand, and client development.

26 Aug 22

What is it like to be an Associate Product Manager at Nubank?

Do you know what an Associate Product Manager does? Our Nubankers tell us what is their scope of work and expected skills.

13 Aug 22

What made my eyes shine towards joining Nubank in Berlin

My goal with this blogpost is to share the factors that persuaded me to join Nubank and relocate to Berlin.

25 May 21

Nubank Credit Card: from Product to Platform mindset

Platformization has been a trend for a while, but how do we do this? How do you go from a product perspective to abstractions on a platform? We want to share with you a real case that we consider one of the greatest challenges taken by Nubank so far!