Thinking Tech

Thinking Tech

At Nubank, we believe technology is here to liberate our customers from complexity, not add it. We are constantly striving for state-of-the-art software to make unique experiences possible for both our customers and ourselves. Welcome to how Nubank thinks tech.

02 Aug 22

How to create a security strategy based on customer’s trust

Cyber security is no longer a concern reserved to the IT field. Financial institutions are embedding safety into the business.

19 Apr 22

Artificial intelligence applied to financial services

New tools will soon create more value based on transactional data intelligence, supporting innovative companies to generate insights about customer patterns and journeys for their benefit.

07 Mar 22

How to build and develop an engineering culture?

At Nubank, our set of engineering principles guides us towards having healthier teams and demonstrates the importance of having engineering voices over the entire development cycle

04 Feb 22

People at the center of the strategy: the first step to innovation

The key role of customer-centricity in creating continuous improvement cycles and mechanisms to inspect metrics, processes, and incidents, thus engaging tech teams