UX Research

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A “Wicked Problem”: UX Research and the continuous search for framing the problem at Nubank

Complexity and importance of understanding the problem, a task often more important than finding a solution.

14 Oct 22

What is it like to be an UX Researcher at Nubank?

UX Researcher helps the design and business teams to learn from our clients, and uses this data and knowledge to design the best products.

30 Mar 20

Tools to run a UX Research synthesis workshop remotely

A step-by-step on how to create a knowledge base, set up a conference room and a board of activities for a remote workshop with your team.

11 Jul 19

My first month as UX Researcher at Nubank’s Design team

How onboarding at Nubank set me up for a more collaborative research process

21 Jul 17

First steps for better UX research

How we are making User Research more frequent, structured and transparent at Nubank.