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Open Finance challenges: how Nubank protects customer data and optimizes operations

Security always comes first. That's why Nubank has built a highly secure authorization server beyond Open Finance requirements.

26 Sep 23

The birth of the Dark Mode: a journey into Nubank’s app evolution

The Dark Mode's development process has been marked by a commitment to continuous improvement based on user feedback.

13 Sep 23

NuStories: embracing transitions to own your career journey

Let's delve into the journeys of three Nubankers who embody our core values every step of the way.

23 Aug 23

Modo Rua: Redefining App Development through User-Centered Iteration

Uncover the power of user-centricity and iterative refinement in creating an exceptional application experience.

27 Jul 23

Smarter banking: how intelligent suggestions in the Nubank app empower customers

Contextual recommendations for better financial outcomes: how this feature optimizes your choices.

09 May 23

My transition from native iOS developer to being able to face any challenge

Facing fears and becoming vulnerable by being a beginner again. Those are two of the challenges in career transitions. What did I gain in the process?

04 May 23

Nu México joins to the list of LinkedIn’s Best Companies 2023

LinkedIn Best Companies is a ranking that highlights companies that foster the long-term professional success of their employees.