NuStories: Tailoring products for fanatical customers in various countries

The ethos of “solving sharp pains” and staying agile to local needs isn’t just about the now; it’s a legacy

Visual assets that represents nubankers

Nubank’s journey from its roots in a small house in São Paulo to becoming the world’s largest digital bank embodies the essence of innovation and customer-centricity. The cornerstone of this remarkable journey has been the relentless focus on creating products that not only satisfy but which customers are passionate about.

As the company expands its geographic horizons, a new challenge arises: to take this unique way of creating products to other countries and cultures in a successful way.

At Nu Colombia, we have witnessed firsthand how ingrained this ethos is in every fiber of our operations. Through the lens of two key projects at Nu Colombia—the CC Dashboard and the PDF statement—we’ll delve into how Nubank crafts tailored products that resonate with the unique financial fabric of different countries.

Embedding the art and science of Product Design

The delicate dance between art and science in product management is a narrative that deeply resonates with our design journey at Nubank. The scientific aspect anchors our designs in data and structured processes, while the art infuses empathy, creativity, and a deep understanding of unmet customer needs. It’s this symbiotic relationship that fuels our drive to create distinctive and locally resonant products for our users across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

The CC Dashboard: a story of localized innovation

Central to our endeavors is the CC Dashboard, the initial interface a customer interacts with when using the Colombian version of Nubank’s app. Herein lies the heart of our aspiration to provide a clear, easy-to-understand snapshot of a customer’s financial status. However, the uniqueness comes from how this dashboard morphs to reflect the financial ethos of Colombia.

As the financial and user behaviors in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia have their nuances, our collaboration with teams like Nu Design Systems (NuDS) and App Experience (AXP) was instrumental in crafting a product that speaks a global design language yet sings local tunes.

But what do these teams, which are so important to build a rapport and trust with our users and their specific needs, stand for?

Setting the stage globally with AXP

AXP, or as we like to define it, the narrative weaver, plays a pivotal role in connecting product experiences across our Global Product Business Unity. Its focus? To cultivate a scalable customer experience that not only maximizes engagement but ensures customer satisfaction remains at its zenith.

At its core, AXP exists to unify the Nu experience, tailoring it to be scalable and customer-centric. Rather than crafting an end-state for a singular market, AXP is our ear to the ground, listening intently to the needs of platforms, products, and markets. This listening helps us foster partnerships, push boundaries, and ensure market success isn’t just a byproduct but a direct outcome of our interventions.

NuDS: the design system behind the magic

NuDS stands tall as Nu’s very own Design System for products and experiences within the app. More than just a set of design guidelines, NuDS is an evolving entity, equipped with code definitions, contribution pathways, and a robust support mechanism.

As Nu’s offerings continue to expand, ensuring consistency, predictability, and usability becomes paramount. NuDS addresses this challenge head-on, reducing the cognitive load on our customers and ensuring each interaction is seamless, predictable, and delightful. Moreover, with accessibility at its heart, NuDS brings a level of universality to our app that is unparalleled.

For our valued customers, NuDS promises a smaller learning curve and a cohesive experience, giving the app a familiar look & feel. Nubankers benefit from increased speed and focus, while Nu reaps the rewards of efficiency, maintainability, and collective learning.

Solving the right problems with a customer-centric lens

Nubank’s approach is deeply rooted in solving sharp pains. It’s about delving into the financial issues that our customers grapple with and crafting solutions that provide respite. Our emphasis on rigorous customer research, both observed and interactive, steers us clear of the trap of assumption-based design.

For instance, Nu Colombia’s PDF statement isn’t merely a monthly financial summary. It’s a carefully designed communication that demystifies the financial jargon and presents the necessary information in a digestible format. The aim? To foster clarity and control over one’s financial narrative, irrespective of which country they reside in.

The narrative of creating global products with a local fit isn’t just a design ideology; it’s a business imperative. By meticulously weaving the local financial models and user behavior into our products, we are not just staying true to our roots of customer-centricity but are forging a path of sustainable growth across different geographies.

As Nubank continues to burgeon across borders, the essence of tailored, customer-love driven products will remain our north star. The journey ahead is brimming with opportunities to delve deeper into the local financial landscapes and craft products that not only solve real problems but also build lasting emotional connections.

The ethos of “solving sharp pains” and staying agile to local needs isn’t just about the now; it’s a legacy that we aspire to leave in the annals of financial product design. Through a culture of collaboration, relentless customer focus, and a blend of art and science, we continue to stride towards a future where every customer interaction with our products is a narrative of trust, clarity, and fanatical love.