Nubank’s real foundation: our culture and values

Learn more about the pillars that guide our work and ensure we all have the same focus: doing what is best for our customers.

22 Jul 20

Nubank Data Analysts are now called Analytics Engineers

Aligning expectations and positioning ourselves towards better productivity and data governance

06 Jan 20

Tech perspectives behind Nubank’s first acquisition deal

What the acqui-hire of Plataformatec means and how it strengthens our scaling capacity

04 Dec 19

Introducing fklearn: Nubank’s machine learning library (Part II)

Benefits from doing analysis and validation of models

28 Oct 19

How we do On-Call Rotations at Nubank

System stability is a core part of our business, but sometimes things can go awry. Here is the engineering team strategy to be ready to respond 24/7.

23 Apr 19

Introducing fklearn: Nubank’s machine learning library (Part I)

In April 2019, Nubank open-sourced fklearn, our machine learning python library. And it has a a benevolent sweet good poison!

04 Feb 19

Why we have a research plan at Nubank

Or how to build a clear vision of what you should be studying