What is it like to be an UX Researcher at Nubank?

UX Researcher helps the design and business teams to learn from our clients, and uses this data and knowledge to design the best products.

Photo taken on the rooftop of the Nubank office, a very cozy place with big beanbags and lights between the trees. It is possible to see 13 people (and a dog!). They are spread out among the scenery, chatting informally in small groups.

Here in Nubank we love to provide amazing products and delightful experiences, and for doing it we understand that we must learn from our users’ behaviors, needs and problems. We also need to know what our business can do better for them and how to do it.

Is the UX Researcher job to learn from our clients and guide the design team into the knowledge, so our designs can be the best possible human centric solution.

Check out the career of an UX Researcher at Nubank, according to some members of our team!

What does a UX Researcher do at Nubank?

The UX Researcher can be allocated in teams or to serve as a cross group professional, but the goal is the same: to study and fulfill the projects with useful and actionable knowledge, aiming to improve the experience of Nubank’s app, understand our client’s needs and discover new opportunities.

This professional daily work included being a source of knowledge for peers, working close to Product and Content Designers, helping to design the suitable usability to Nubank’s clients, and close to Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers, helping to build strategy for our product.

In Nubank, the UX Research team is not the only one that provides useful data, information and knowledge to improve our strategy, so a partnership with Customer Insights, Data Science and Business Analytics is fundamental to deliver information with maximum potential for business impact.

Besides all that, it’s fundamental for a UX Researcher at Nubank to balance a data-centric work with an human-centric and empathic approach. We understand that a good business is made by having our client as the main character, and the UX Researchers, as a designer themselves, are responsible for providing actionable insights for achieving business and clients goals.

It’s fundamental for a UX Researcher at Nubank to balance a data-centric work with an human-centric and empathic approach.

Scope of Work 

The UX Researcher is responsible for understanding what the team aims to learn, and guiding them to the right questions before we can get to answers. After that, the UX Researcher may use different methods, such as quantitative, individual in-depth or group interviews, ethnography, usability tests and desk research. When the study is done, it is the UX Researcher job to analyze the data considering the business goals, communicate the actionable results for the team, ensuring that the further decisions are based on the data evaluated and insights delivered.

The routine includes constant meetings with project and research teams, planning and executing researches, conducting interviews with clients and to build and lead workshops to collect different perspectives over what we are learning.

Expected Skills

It’s expected that the UX Researcher be able to understand what the business needs to achieve and focus on the right questions and problems, analyze the data through a client and business centric approach, to use communication skills to deliver the research results with clarity and to support peers allowing them to make data and human centric work. 

How Does It Feel to be an UX Researcher at Nubank?

“Being a researcher at Nubank implies dealing with a painful wound: the relationship of Brazilians with money. We create bridges that shorten the gap between the business and the user experience, helping the team to face problems from different angles, decrypt the complexity of financial systems and improve how our clients deal with their finances.”

Ana Urquiza –  Senior UX Researcher

Written by Tutz Dias
Reviewed by: Nerival Ferraz

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