What is Nubank? A company that is always on the side of their customers

Get to know the essence, values, and history of the largest independent digital bank in the world.

Part of the Nu team in the esplanade of the Nubank headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Tired of the red tape, exorbitant fees, and terrible service offered by other banks, we decided in 2013 to create a company that truly valued its customers, put itself in their shoes, and offered them simple, accessible, and transparent solutions. 

Seven years later, Nubank is the largest digital bank in the world, with more than 25 million customers. We are the largest financial technology services company in Latin America and, according to Fast Company, one of the 50 most innovative in the world.

We are defined by a purpose, a reason why we are in this world:

Fight complexity, red tape, and all those inexplicable burdens we’ve become unpleasantly used to. We are fair, transparent, and wow people with excellent customer service.

Nubank focuses on solving financial problems using technology. We create products that are easy to use and understand and control through a mobile application that offers total autonomy for people to resolve everything on their cell phones.

We work every day to make the financial life of an increasing number of people more pleasant. We don’t use asterisks nor small print, and we don’t leave anyone waiting infinitely.

That is who we are. That is Nubank. 

Fast, friendly and personalized customer service

We are a technology company based on concrete human needs. It means that we have an app we created by listening carefully to people’s real needs. But at the same time, if any customer needs to contact us, all they have to do is dial a number, enter the chat or send us an email, and we will be there for them. 

Our service is personalized. We deal with our customers’ problems as if they were ours. Or our children’s or our parents’. We do everything just like we promised from the beginning: liberate people from all the complexities of the traditional financial system.

So, from the moment a customer decides to contact us to the moment we answer them, it may take only a couple of minutes. No waiting forever. No endless lines. No reticent behavior. 

That is what Nubank is like.

Security: we develop our own technology

With Nu, people can make their financial transactions using an intuitive and super user-friendly app (designed for any age, including technophobes :smile), with the support of our own technology, which highlights our security standards. 

Not only are we experts in taking care of and helping you manage your money, but also in protecting your data. In short:

We create straightforward and transparent products, controlled via a mobile application that offers total autonomy so that people can solve everything from their cell phone.

We are human and digital at the same time

We always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes whenever we have to make a decision. We also know that technology, by itself, is not enough to solve people’s problems.  That is why we always want to offer an incredible customer experience. 

Because that is who we are. Because it is in our DNA. Because that is what Nubank is like.

The importance of our culture

Our CEO, David Vélez, uses to say that, in their early days, many startups are so focused on making sure the business work that they don’t take care of their culture. “But this is like delaying your son’s education until he is 18 years old,” he concludes.

We have been defining our culture since 2013, when Nubank was born in a small house in a Sao Paulo neighborhood, in Brazil.

We are a company that is on the side of our customers – and we are there for them.

Transparency is one of our pillars. We tell the truth, without small print or pitfalls. The goal of our communication is that our customers clearly understand what they are buying, have control and autonomy to make the best decisions. 

That is the basis of our culture.

International awards

So far, Nubank has received many international prizes (many of them for its customer service) and has become a global benchmark, way beyond the finance world. In 2018, KPMG listed Nubank among the Top 10 world’s leading fintechs, the only Latin American among Chinese, American, British and Singaporean companies.

We have a team of 2800 people working in several cities: our headquarters in São Paulo, our engineering team in Berlin, our operation in Ciudad de Mexico, and our technology hub in Buenos Aires.

Across all locations where we operate, one thing is sure: our values remain the same.

Nubank Customer Service: 24/7

Promptness, compassion, and transparency. These are some of the values that guide our customer service team. 

More than solving problems, our team has the mission of offering the best customer service in the world!

Besides being efficient, we believe customer service needs to offer the customer respect. Not only having respect but also offering it: making it tangible, comforting the person who needs comfort, offering it as a gift.

We know nobody likes to waste time solving problems. That’s why we do everything we can for the experience with our team to be pleasant. The commitment to wowing the customer with our service is something we take very seriously, and that is Nubank has become a role model of how companies should treat their customers.

And the Nubank way of wowing the customers has a lot to do with our history.

Nubank History

Nubank was founded in 2013 by Colombian David Vélez, Brazilian Cristina Junqueira, and American Edward Wible.

The idea came from a bad experience our CEO David had when trying to open a bank account. The bureaucratic, time-consuming, and painful process made him realize the market lacked a solution that really made people’s lives easier. 

That’s why Nubank’s goal has never been to only offer financial services using technology, design, and data science; but to do all that while offering an incredible experience to its customers.

The company started in São Paulo, Brazil, as a small startup focused on solving financial problems using technology – that is why it is also called a fintech, short for “financial technology.”

Over the years, the company has grown, moved to a new headquarters, and received investment from some of the main global technology investors. 

With millions of customers nowadays, Nubank is the leading fintech in Latin America.  With millions of clients today, Nu is the main fintech in Latin America. In September 2020, it was chosen among 16,000 companies across the continents as one of the most promising fintechs of 2020, according to CB Insights’ Fintech 250 list.

The Nubank team

Our team has 2800 Nubankers from over 30 nationalities. We are a global company headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, with offices in Bogota and Mexico City, and two software engineering hubs: in Berlin, Germany, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

In those locations, we have workers who are philosophers, chemists, graduates in performing arts, electronic engineers, filmmakers, data processing technicians, journalists, fashion designers, statisticians, international relations graduates, mechatronic engineers, mathematicians, linguists, political scientists, and accountants, among others.

We appreciate diversity and value the importance of creating an inclusive workplace. About 30% of our team belongs to the LGBTQIA+ community, and we have 40% of women across all positions, in all experience levels. 

Some of our 2020 initiatives were the campaign #PrideIsMeantToBeSpread, on the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day in Mexico, and #BlackLivesMatter in Brazil.

Is Nubank reliable?

Nubank is a globally known, award-winning company, with millions of customers who already use its products in Latin America. 

In addition to that, we have the same investors as large technology companies, such as Facebook and Spotify.

Nubank is a unicorn neobank created in Latin America. A “digital unicorn” is a company valued at over US$ 1 billion.

Some of the largest investment funds have already invested in Nubank, such as Sequoia Capital and Kaszek Ventures – which were the first ones –, Tiger Global Management, QED Investors, Founders Fund, DST Global, Redpoint Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Dragoneer Investment Group, Thrive Capital, and Tencent.

At each new investment round (when there is a new capital injection), Nubank consolidates its position and becomes even stronger in the global scenario.

We’ll be waiting for you. With a smile. 

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