Yes, She Codes: Nubank opens applications for the 4th edition of the software engineers hiring program

Yes, She Codes is back! Applications for the program are open until February 13. See more details about the event and learn how to apply

Two engineers Nubankers, self-perceived as women pose for the camera in front of their computers.

Starting today, February 7th, applications are open for the fourth edition of Yes, She Codes, Nubank’s hiring program geared at women working in software engineering.

One of Nubank’s pillars is building strong and diverse teams. We know that technology is a field where gender representation is still a challenge, and we are committed to changing this reality. We believe that diversity enriches the exchanges between people with different perspectives, backgrounds, and skills. 

Therefore, Yes, She Codes is all about Nubank’s culture: in addition to the recruitment event, candidates will have the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange experiences, and form connections.

The fourth edition of Yes, She Codes, Nubank’s program for hiring female software engineers, will take place on March 5

See below who can apply for the program and how the selection process for female engineers will work.

Who can sign up for the fourth edition of Yes, She Codes?

Yes, She Codes is open to anyone who identifies as female at any level of backend software development experience and who is willing to relocate or travel to São Paulo in 2022 if hired.  

Nubank’s recruitment and integration process will be 100% remote and virtual.

The dates for returning to the office may be adjusted according to the evolution of the pandemic and the vaccination campaigns in the country, and the return to face-to-face and hybrid work will be done safely for everyone who works with us.

How will the selection process work?

After the application period, which ends on February 13th, all applicants will receive a software development test via email with a defined deadline for solving the proposed challenge.

Those approved will be invited to the Yes, She Codes event and will spend the afternoon of March 5th with Nubank’s engineering team for a real-time programming challenge.

After the event, the selected candidates will undergo individual interviews, and, finally, the results will be announced.

We encourage all women who work in the engineering field and are interested in working at Nubank to participate in the program with us. We want to bring in all the talents that fit into our teams, so it’s important to say that there is no specific number of open positions.

Other important points about Yes, She Codes:

  • There is no CV analysis: all people who identify as female will be invited to the first step of the process, which is a software development test.
  • Applicants are not required to know how to program in the language used by Nubank: the exercises of all phases of the event can be done in the language that you feel most comfortable using.
  • We look at several factors: we want to understand how you structure your development and programming thinking, code correctness, complexity, and use of immutability concepts. We also look at how you collaborate with others, as well as your ability to learn and adapt your choices.

What is it like to participate in Yes, She Codes?  

Camila Amaral, senior software engineer at Nubank who participated in the 2nd edition of Yes, She Codes in 2019, tells us:

During the event, most of the girls I interacted with were from other states, and I was very surprised; I thought it was amazing. The Nubank team was very nice to us. Their ability to make it very clear and transparent that it was something collaborative made it feel as if we already worked together; it made all the difference.”

Tuanny Harumi, a software engineer who joined Nubank through Yes, She Codes in 2019, says:

“One thing that the Nubank team repeated a few times is that the idea of ​​Yes, She Codes is to be collaborative. They’ve always made it very clear that it’s not a kind of competition of who will do better: the idea is for everyone to do it together. You feel much more comfortable being in that space with women helping each other. For me, it made all the difference in the world.”

Read more about Nubank here:

Got any other questions? Participate in the webinar with engineers from Nubank

On February 10, at 7 PM, we will have a webinar on Yes, She Codes. The objective is to offer a closer look at how the program works, exchange experiences, and answer questions from those interested in participating in the process. 

At this event, we will also have the presence of other women who have participated in previous editions and who currently work at Nubank. To participate in the live session, just register at this link

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