Clojure Conj 2023 Highlights

After ten previous editions, Nubank hosted the Clojure Conj for the first time. Check the highlights!

Auditorium at Nubank's office. The angle of the photo shows the screen in the background, the stage with armchairs and the audience chairs with red upholstery, lined up side by side and divided by rows.

The first Conj hosted by Nubank

The Clojure Conj is a Clojure conference that gathers the Clojure community yearly in Durham, North Carolina. It had eleven editions since its creation, and the 2023’s edition was the first in three years due to the pandemic.

The Conj historically assembles Clojure experts to talk about initiatives and projects that use Clojure as the core of software development. This year’s edition was the first to be live-streamed, and also the first hosted by Nubank along with other sponsors:, Latacora, JUXT, Flexiana, Gaiwan, ThorTech Solutions, Metosin, Shortcut, Fill It Local, Coalesce Workstream and Marketplace, Nilenso, and Scarlet

According to Alex Miller, organizer of the conference and Principal Software Engineer at Nubank: 

It was great to see the community gather together in person again! The addition of streaming access made the conference accessible to many more people both inside and outside Nubank and we enjoyed seeing people from all over connect during the talks.

In addition to these novelties, this was also the very first time the Conj had a considerable number of Nubankers as speakers. We had seven speakers in five different presentations talking about how we apply best practices to optimize the use of Clojure and Datomic internally. Quoting Rich Hickey, creator of Clojure and Distinguished Software Engineer at Nubank: 

The Conj was a rousing success! There were many old friends and new faces. Both the talks and attendees demonstrated the ongoing vitality and creativity of the community.

Datomic is now free! 

Another unique moment of the Conj was the announcement that Datomic is now free. Nubank expects that this action makes Datomic more useful to more people in more situations, reaching broader audiences and engaging even more the Clojure community world-wide.  

Rich Hickey, Stu Halloway, and Justin Gehtland at the Conj announcing that Datomic is now free.

Watch it anywhere, anytime 

If you missed the Clojure Conj 2023 edition, it is possible to watch all the talks through the Clojure TV Youtube channel. 

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